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2013 NAND Flash market annual report

Briefly content
NAND Flash Market Price: 23% growth and 30% decline in the first/second half of 2013
  ■ Limited output from wafer supplying side, market goods quantity reduced in first half of 2013
  ■ eMMC/eMCP、SSD consumed a great part of NAND Flash total share
  ■ NAND Flash price increased in the first half of 2013 due to short supply
  ■ 4% Price increase after SK-Hynix China Fab fire in Sep, then drop again due to Q4 weak demand
NAND Flash manufactory technique process and market structure
  ■ NAND Flash process technology comes into the era of 1Xnm completely
  ■ The upstream chip factory promote advanced Nanometer Process technology
  ■ 3D NAND Flash technology time table announced, may to be main market trend in 2016
  ■ NAND Flash chip output increased season by season, the supply shortage of excess by variable
  ■ The Mutual Conversion between DRAM and NAND Flash Affects memory chip capacity change
NAND Flash related product application market- - The mainstream embedded storage products
  ■ The development of mainstream eMMC products
  ■ The mainstream embedded storage products in the smart phone market
  ■ Mainstream embedded storage products in the tablet market
  ■ Mainstream embedded memory applications in emerging markets
NAND Flash related application market- - SSD storage product
  ■ NAND Flash technical development decreases the SSD cost
  ■ Interface of SSD will change from SATA III to PCIe
  ■ Controller Flash Chip cost down the SSD cost and the interface is transferring from SATA III to PCIe
  ■ The main application of SSD market development 
NAND Flash related products- - traditional storage product
  ■ Flash Memory Card sales volumn is increasing, especially in high performance and large capacity application market
  ■ USB Flash Drive Market needs Radical innovation to stimulate the demand